Accolades: See what my happy clients are saying about my service and their websites.

Linda Saunders—

“After using your design skills to invent my brochures fifteen years ago and then hiring you again in the late 1990s to develop Power Point templates for my fraud presentations that I still use today, I thought I had the world by the tail. That was all over ten years ago. Now is now. Websites are a must in this cyber age, and, Alice, you hit the nail on the head once again with your unique talents.

“What a master you are at both design and organization. Your research on all the latest gadgets that make a website functional and your incessant attention to detail resulted in a spectacular rendition of what my business is all about. Your energies for working this project to completion were totally amazing! Thank You!” ~ Linda Saunders, CPA/CFF, CFE, CGFM, Forensic Accounting Consulting

Nancy Ludeman—

“One of the best decisions I have made was to hire Alice Doggett to redo my website design. Alice has an artistic eye for color and clarity, and also knew the right questions to ask me regarding what I want viewers to know about me and my business through the pages of the website. She taught me the importance of having an interesting, informative and inviting presence on my website, and I hope to be working with her for many years with revisions and updates.”~ Nancy Ludeman, In-Joy Pilates

Howard Spector—

“I have known and worked with Alice for over 15 years. She has done all of our marketing and promotional work since we’ve been in business.

“Our current website is the third one we’ve had, and the first done by Alice. It is by far the best, and we’re quite proud of it. The reason is because Alice always takes time to learn about our business strategies and goals. She’s extremely helpful and very easy to work with.

“We believe our website accurately describes what we’re all about. It’s very personal and distinctive, and it’s a good example of Alice’s creative abilities.” ~ Howard Spector, Principal Architect/Owner, Mount Bachelor Design Studio Architecture and Planning

Conni Ramsey—

“Having Alice design my website was completely hassle-free. She did all the research, asked all the right questions, and made it really easy for me. She provided several drafts along the way so that I could review the site as it evolved and be sure it reflected my philosophy, personality, and studio in just the right light. I love my website!” ~ Conni Ramsey, Owner, Core Movement Studio

Louise Hawker—

“Alice Doggett is a true professional. She asks the right questions to make sure she thoroughly understands the client’s needs, pays attention to the details, and then crafts a flawless, attractive and well-designed website. The results set her clients apart from the roar of the crowd. I highly recommend Alice and page7creative.” ~ Louise Hawker, Principal, Watermark Communications, and copywriter of the Core Movement Studio website.